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How secure is BuilderStorm?

Warning! This is a serious issue and, in order to best explain how our security protocols, we do get pretty technical in places. If you need more clarification or would like to discuss security in further detail, please contact james[at]

We take our security seriously?

We use bank-grade security to ensure the highest standards. Data is backed up every hour, which is stored in separate secure physical locations. We ensure that we run the most up to date virus packages, software and monitor all aspects of our network to prevent any malicious attacks. Find out more.


BuilderStorm runs over the same type of security that online banks use. This is known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and ensures that any information transmitted from your computer to the server (website) is sent over a secure, encrypted connection (128-256 bits) and is safe in the extremely unlikely event that anyone attempts to intercept it.

Our SSL certificate has been verified by a trusted third party.

Server Setup

We run our server through Amazon Web Service. The server runs on Linux Nginx MySQL and PHP (LNMP) with the latest stable packages. These are all open source and widely used across the world, which ensures that there are no security holes left open. Techy Note: – If you want to investigate this topic in more detail, please search our online using a phrase like “advantages of open source security”.

We take regular snapshots of the server which are backed up to Amazon S3 Standard and Glacier. Each client’s database is backed up every 30-45 minutes to ensure minimal loss of data in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, hard drives do fail from time to time however regular back-ups are the best way to minimize data loss in this unlikely event.

Backups are typically made daily and in some instances, multiple times throughout the day based on the client’s level of activity. These backups are stored in separate and secure locations as further protection in the unlikely event of physical damage to the data centre.

Viruses and Hackers

Our server runs on the latest packages, which makes it extremely difficult to ‘infect’, or run any malicious code, without telltale signs appearing. We test regularly for common vulnerabilities like cross-site server scripting, MySQL injection, session manipulation and other common issues. This is a different scenario from when the vulnerability lies within the actual Operating System (like Windows for instance!). Hackers exploit poorly written code to try and bypass security, however, having been involved in this industry for nearly 15 years, we are fully alert to and aware of this. We are also contacted instantly when any suspicious activity is occurring on our servers and respond instantly, 24/7.

Your Data and Data Proection

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. This is “the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.”

Organisation Name: BuilderStorm Limited
Registration Number: ZA152899


We adhere to the 1998 Data Protections act and will never forward your information to any third party.

We take data protection EXTREMELY seriously and will never cut corners, ever.

In addition to being extremely secure, the server runs as a cloud service and the hard-drives are mirrored. So, in the extremely unlikely event that there is a hardware fault with the server, there is redundancy to prevent the site from going down. Backups are taken for a month as well to ensure any corruption of data is retrievable.