Online Construction Snag List
allow your site teams to create snags on the fly, add a photo and quickly assign the responsible person with no paperwork.
Live tracking of snags on your construction projects

By using a colour-coded padlock scheme, BuilderStorm keeps track of all of the Snag’s progress, which will show you at a glance how well every particular task is doing.

Creating snags to share with the relevant people

Our Snag list package guarantees that the correct information is used by everyone within the company so that in the first instance errors are less likely to occur.

Easy to share defects for people who can manage

Being able to track and issue snags reliably has always been a long-winded, lengthy cycle of documentation that has required a tremendous deal of time and effort to handle.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short 3-minute demonstration on how our Snag List feature looks and operates.

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Reports can be generated to provide daily summaries or emails whenever a Snag is created, so you’re always in the loop.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, our Snag List feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

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Export to PDF/CSV

All Snag Lists can be exported to a PDF/CSV as a detailed or summarised report. This is great for sharing your Snag Lists with other members of the project, who may not have direct access to the system.

Online Construction Snag List

BuilderStorm’s Snag List feature manages and records what are typically referred to as “snags” within the construction industry. Snags can have a huge impact on the project’s profit and delivery time. A government survey in 2017 found that 51% of new homes have ‘major faults’. The problem is not just confined to the housing sector though, with many publicly funded projects suffering the same fate. Being able to accurately track and issue snags has always been a long winded, paperwork heavy process that took a huge amount of time and effort to manage. So, to shorten the amount of time and effort it takes to manage, we have created a mobile based solution which is not only really easy to use, but totally paperless. This feature gives your site team a seamless process for creating multiple snag items, and issue them to third parties without ever needing a piece of paper.

Each defect is numbered automatically and you can specify who is responsible for the defect, the location of the item and the package it falls under. You can then type out the details and add attachments, such as a photo or item specification. Photos of the defect can be added on fly directly from a mobile device. You can then specify a due date for completion and save the defect.

The process works perfectly on a mobile device, so your site managers that are responsible for reporting defects can do this on-site using a tablet or smartphone. Your operative that is responsible for the defect will be notified automatically when a new item has been created and can then view the details of the Snag. Once an item is complete, the user marks it for closure and the originator can then either sign it off or re-open the defect. As the deadline for a defect approaches, the user can be reminded via emails or other notifications, such as SMS text. These updates can be modified using BuilderStorm’s Notification Manager.

Live tracking of snags on your construction projects

BuilderStorm keeps track of all of your Snag’s status’ using a colour-coded padlock system, which will show at a glance how well any given project is performing. You can also click on each colour-coded padlock to filter by those defects, then filter by the user or company that is responsible for the defect. There is also the option to generate a PDF or CSV report when using the current filters, which can then be issued to relevant parties. This is ideal for using at a weekly or monthly progress meeting, giving instant accountability for everyone involved with the project.

BuilderStorm has found that projects that adopt this style of defect tracking not only have less reported issues on the whole (because companies are being more proactive), but that any created issues are usually resolved quicker and are closed the first time round. The whole BuilderStorm package ensures that everyone within the project is using the correct information, so defects are less likely to occur in the first place.

More information on what defects are in the construction industry.

Key features

Full status tracking – Colour coded padlock system – Accepts attachments – Mobile ready

Key benefits

Accurate records of issue and completion dates – Improves compliance through notifications.