Construction Document Storage

Traditionally a lot of Construction Document Storage consists of lots of project files both in paper and digital format that are stored by companies on-site or on a few office-based computers.

Building-Build Right 4 Benefits of Construction-Management Software

Build Right! 4 Benefits of Construction Management Software

It goes without saying, that to be competitive in today’s construction industry, contractors, architects, developers and owners need to do a lot more with a lot less. Consequently, many construction professionals are considering construction management software.


Small Construction Business Software: Your road to success!

Small Construction Business Software: Equal Opportunities – Your road to success!

These days, smaller construction companies are often overlooked by software companies because they simply don’t have a large budget. In general, they do not have the same opportunities to improve their daily operations to maximise their company’s performance.


All New Collaborative Drawing Software from BuilderStorm

Real-time communication is one of the keys to successful management of a construction project. In the old days making changes to drawings and plans could be a time-consuming affair and could also involve costly setbacks if certain changes weren’t communicated to all collaborators.


Are you being effective with your inductions?

BuilderStorm is changing the way inductions are be carried out across the UK. We are always looking at ways we can streamline current building practices or make cost savings on repetitive tasks, ideally both.


Create your own Construction Recruitment Database

If you are a construction recruitment agency looking for a straightforward way to organise and keep track of your workforce, BuilderStorm‘s unique and innovative construction project management software provides the perfect solution. BuilderStorm enables you to build a construction recruitment database for optimal workforce management.