All New Collaborative Drawing Software from BuilderStorm

Real-time communication is one of the keys to successful management of a construction project. In the old days making changes to drawings and plans could be a time-consuming affair and could also involve costly setbacks if certain changes weren’t communicated to all collaborators.


Are you being effective with your inductions?

BuilderStorm is changing the way inductions are be carried out across the UK. We are always looking at ways we can streamline current building practices or make cost savings on repetitive tasks, ideally both.

Building-File Sharing For Construction Projects Ensures Lasting Success

File Sharing For Construction Projects Ensures Lasting Success

What are the biggest problems that construction organisations face when it comes to their projects? If you’re employed in the construction industry then you already know that every project manager tries to battle the twin evils of timeline delays and budgetary extensions.


Easy Construction Photo Storage at your Fingertips

Another one of the many benefits of BuilderStorm’s construction project management software is construction photo storage or the ability to save photos for every single one of your projects within its own folder on the cloud.


Construction Software: Who Knows Best?

At BuilderStorm, we are always looking to better understand the market that we cater for. We believe that unless we know what our subscribers want we can’t really provide them with suitable solutions. This is the perspective we had when we came across some research Software Advice, a construction software review firm, had carried out on Job Roles within the construction industry.


BuilderStorm: Save Time, Save Money

A construction project which lacks precise management and effective communication can quickly become costly. You can burn a lot of time and waste a lot of money trying to arrange things, coordinating different members of your workforce and being the middleman in communications between different collaborators.