Day 1 – its just the beginning

We have all been in that position, made a purchase which will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our business. However, after the sales guys have gone leaving just you, the keyboard, monitor, and an extensive instruction manual, you start to scratch your head and wonder where on earth do you begin!

Building-ERP vs Project management software vs BuilderStorm

ERP vs Project Management Software vs BuilderStorm

I often feel like the man in the middle, I have two daughters, and sometimes I have to referee their arguments over toys and alike. One wants to play her way, and the other wants to play completely differently, but they don’t want to play separately when I suggest it.


Budget for the builders??

No matter what you say about the budget, there seemed to be good news for the construction industry. The promise of more funds available for social housing, and further attempts to speed up the development of new homes to 300,000 per year must be good news…right?


Expensive does not always mean reliable!!!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you pay for something, its never guaranteed to be reliable. I speak from experience on this one, several times I think I must have picked the least reliable cars ever made.

Building-communication software

Let’s Talk

At the weekend, a very rare childfree one I might add, my wife and I went out for dinner and some drinks. This is quite literally the first time we have been able to do this since before we were married!!!


It’s not just about you

There’s something to admire about high-level sports teams. They all work together to achieve their goal of winning. Every player has their own role to perform, at the elite level everyone relies on their teammates completing what they were tasked to do.


RFI Construction Software

A Request For Information on a construction companies projects can be extremely time-consuming, tieing up employees when they needn’t be. Historically, RFIs were simply lost in a manager’s ever-growing inbox, and there were occasions that attachments were lost, causing a project to delay due to information not being provided on time when it was needed.