What does the Hackitt report mean for compliance in the construction industry?

14th June 2017: a date that will live with people in the same way that 9/11 and 7/7 will. The loss of lives and homes in the Grenfell tragedy highlighted that clear changes needed to be made within our industry. Dame Judith Hackitt was placed with responsibility for highlighting these areas. Almost 2 years on, what progress has been made and how does that impact the industry?


How to use timesheets in construction

Timesheets are a great way of tracking the shifts that your staff work. However, in the hectic modern construction environment, it can be tough to keep on top of when your staff are clocking in and clocking out of their shifts, which project they are assigned to or what rate you are paying them, meaning you might not be getting as much from your team as you otherwise could, or are not tracking or assigning the costs to projects effectively.


Is there value in BIM mentality for the SME?

If you work in the Architectural, Engineering or Construction (AEC) industry, you will have heard of BIM (Building Information Modelling). You may be an expert, you may have an idea or you may not have given it a second thought, especially if you aren’t involved in public sector works.


Benefits Of Using Project Management Software

When it comes to construction, it is very difficult to manage all the resources manually by an individual. However, the advancement in technology has introduced various software’s which help you understand the plan, control projects and measure the progress of the construction.