4 Reasons Why Construction Projects Fail

From client appraisals, neat profits and completing on time and within budget, it sounds easy for a construction project to be a success, right? Wrong!

If not properly managed, a construction project can easily go over budget and the scheduled date for substantial completion can fly by in the blink of an eye.


Is the high street the answer to the housing crisis?

Not a week goes by without another high street big name either falling into administration, going bust or declaring a loss and slow business. Just recently, gourmet burger kitchen (GBK) announced it would be closing 17 stores to stay afloat. It seems £10 burgers are too much for some people to swallow. But when you look at the burger landscape, it’s not a surprise. BK, McD’s, Byron, 5Guys, Pattie & Bun, Honest Burgers….. I could go on, but it’s fair to say the market is saturated.


The BIM Myth

If you work in the Architectural, Engineering or Construction (AEC) sector, you have probably heard of BIM. Some of you will probably know what it’s all about. Some of you will have a rough idea, but most will think its just another buzzword that means you are going to have to make a load of effort to adopt something that you don’t care about.


Is construction ever going to embrace software and technology?

My time spent as a developer saw me work on projects in both the public and private sectors. The main focus was to add value by improving a number of the client’s internal processes. It was easy to see the benefits if XYZ were implemented, which positively impacted the end user and it really only came down to how much it cost and how long it took to develop (it always took longer by the way, always).


A difficult conversation

Having suffered from depression, an ongoing mental health battle that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, I was surprised recently when the Office of National Statistics released information about the Construction industry and the state of mental health within the workplace.