Building Software – The Arising Need for Automation in the Construction Industry


In this ever evolving technology era where everything is automated, the construction industry is also getting a huge makeover. Automation is the future and today businesses are implementing various software that helps improve business’ bottom line. Having efficient building software can save you time and money, helps you keep your projects on schedule and, most importantly, improves the productivity, letting you learn about the loop holes and so on.

For any construction company, keeping projects on schedule and done on time with fewer errors and without stretching the budget means implementing the right building software makes sense.

One platform, any device, get connected anytime, anywhere; the building software comes equipped with several valued features that let you track:

Automates your project tasks

When you have your project details fed into the building software, it automates all your project tasks, letting you know every smallest detail of your construction site. The software gives you real-time insights on bid tracking, proposals, cost tracking, estimates, scheduling, labour costs and submittals, company documents, tender packages, procurements, valuations, cost tracking, RFIs and more.

Automating your entire project management not only saves you time but helps you to know the project loop holes and provides you with insight on how to improve it.

Get real-time insights

Professional building software provides you with the marketing insights which help in improving your project scheduling, cost etc. The real time data build on the researched data helps you with the project details so that it moves forward without any hiccups.

Cost and schedule

Having detailed information about the projects makes it easy to estimate the further cost involved and also to know if the project can be completed or how much more time/days it may take. It helps you to tackle unnecessary delays, over boarding with the cost and letting you engage the right work force for timely project completion.

Tracking labour hours

The feature lets you track every minute detail happening at the site from anywhere, anytime. It gives you updated information, RFIs, real-time updates from the engineer/supervisor working on the site, change of orders and allows you to communicate seamlessly, connecting your various sites to the office.

Building software designed which is specifically for custom builders, re-modellers and contractors has helped thousands of construction companies in enhancing the productivity, ultimately improving the bottom line of the business.