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After The Best Construction Document Management Software?

Construction Document Management Software – There are two things that every construction company strives for with its projects. The first is efficiency wherein each resource is used in the best manner possible so that nothing is wasted and financial outlays can be controlled. The second is punctuality because a project that fails to adhere to its commission schedule not only costs more but also causes more problems after the commissioning is complete. Ensuring efficient use of resources and timely completion of the project is determined by how well the various elements of the project are coordinated which is, itself, rooted in document management. BuilderStorm makes it easier for construction companies to achieve these goals.


How Does Our Construction Document Management Software Program Work?

We are lucky to be able to draw upon extensive experience in both, construction and web development industry. It’s this unique combination that has allowed us to create BuilderStorm. BuilderStorm is designed to be extremely adaptable and versatile because we understand that different construction companies have different needs and different systems of operations. Our construction document management software program is developed for your needs, with complete flexibility to suit how you work. Everything is stored on servers that are protected by bank-grade security, ensuring your precious sensitive information is as safe as possible. Built with years of experience, preparation, and hard work, BuilderStorm has the potential to take your business to newer heights.

Qualities That Document Management Software for Construction Must Have

Document management in the construction industry is distinctly different from other industries. The requirements can be quite different with emphasis in other areas than a lot of the generic file storage options. What are some of these qualities? Here are a few that may resonate with your unique experience in the industry.

  1. Scalability: A most typical characteristic of documents in the construction industry is variation in size. As you may already know, the size of construction documents can vary wildly. You could have a simple file that can be transferred through email as an attachment or another that is so large that even file sharing services such as DropBox are unable to support it without a hefty payment. Hence, scalability is a major requirement for construction document management software programs so that you can utilise the system for transferring and sharing small and large files alike with minimal of fuss.
  2. Compatibility: Another bone of contention that organisations and enterprises in the construction industry have with the available software programs in the market is that they are unable to support all the construction files. Construction documents are stored on different platforms. This means that a wide variety of designing and management software programs are used to create construction documents. Online construction document management software programs need to be able to support files and documents of all types, regardless of their extensions.
  3. BIM Support: The United Kingdom’s construction industry is well aware of the government mandate to all construction firms currently handling publicly funded projects. The mandate is simply that documents related to all publicly funded projects will need to conform to Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles by the year 2016. Within the community that is already using BIM, has plans to, or knows a little about it, one of the most common debates are held over interoperability. Interoperability concerns can be best described as compatibility problems between the files of not only one business with another but also within the various departments of a single business. A modern-day construction management program should be able to alleviate most of the interoperability concerns.
  4. Accessibility: Accessibility is becoming increasingly important within the construction industry. Documents will need to be viewed, edited, and upended by a wide variety of experts and professionals within and without a construction firm. Because so many people will be accessing these construction documents, it’s obvious that they will be using a wide variety of devices from a wide variety of locations to gain that access. Thus, accessibility can be said to be closely tied to compatibility as well and, hence, extremely important in a document management software for the construction industry.
  5. Management: Handling vast amounts of documents even in digital formats can be problematic especially if you have to muddle through an array of types and platforms. In no industry is this aspect of documentation more complicated than in the construction industry simply on the basis of the amount and variety of documents used. The software allows users to organise their documents in multiple systems so that accessibility stops being an issue even with year old files.

BuilderStorm was created precisely with these elements in mind. It was designed from bare bones to the feature-rich software program that you see it as currently. If you’re looking to switch over from conventional filing systems then BuilderStorm provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so as seamlessly as possible.

Why BuilderStorm Is the Construction Document Management System of the Future

Up until the last few years, many construction industry professionals and experts would have admitted to you that industry-wide advancements in the field of construction have been very slow, even though a few organisations made internal improvements to their systems. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is going to be the first such industry-wide revolution in a long time and BuilderStorm will be the tool that will drive this revolution in the construction industry. Not only is the this construction document management software program built around BIM principles but it is also constantly being updated and improved to reflect the new theories and ideas that circulate in the BIM circles. This is why BuilderStorm is the construction document management system of the future.