Mobile Construction Software – Secrets towards success!


Mobile Construction Software: The Construction Industry’s Biggest Secrets To Success

Traditionally, construction professionals depend entirely on computers in the office to process day to day operations, and this generally requires the use of paper documentation.
Using this method, there is the possibility of using the wrong documentation, i.e. The document may be out of date, which would cause delays, and worse, potential penalties for the construction company due to these delays.  The layout and printing of project drawings are additional costs that require specialist printers and paper. These consume too much of the company resources in general, resulting in extra spending.

Technology advancement has made a big impact on all business sectors. Our Mobile Building Software solution is developed to help construction firms maximise their resources to achieve their companies full potential.

So what are some of the benefits of using your mobile?

Mobility and accessibility is a huge plus for construction professionals when it comes to construction software. Due to hectic schedules and tight deadlines, gaining more time and opportunities to complete work on the move is a massive benefit. Effectively, this allows the users to be more productive and efficient, whether that’s filling out more reports, sending important drawings expeditiously, or carrying out more valuations, it benefits everyone involved with the project. One of the best things is all the information is available everywhere, such as live feeds generated from the team, allowing projects to flow smoothly. This helps to avoid delays or errors that would have been caused by not receiving updates on site. Having the ability to access information anywhere and anytime at your fingertips is a big advantage to a construction professional.

Mobile Construction Software is essential for the day to day operation of a construction firm, allowing your team to easily send their reports and receive important updates on site. Mobile-friendly construction software is handy on site where workers can use their mobile phones or tablets to access and relay information. This can significantly increase workforce productivity and efficiency in using the construction companies resources. Keeping track of the specification and progress of the project will result in allowing the company to progress in meeting their tight deadlines. The completion of the project ahead of schedule can be largely put down to the coordinated and organised actions from managers down to the onsite operatives.

Here at BuilderStorm we have spent a great deal of energy optimising our Mobile Construction Software. It’s been specifically designed to take advantage of the way mobiles are laid out.  Using our cloud-based mobile friendly construction software, users will be constantly connected with real-time live feeds that are easily sent to the appropriate department or professional. Here they can submit timesheets, valuations, upload project photos or the latest drawings without having to be in the office.

BuilderStorm’s Mobile Building Software is optimised for today’s  tablets and smartphones. A huge range of mobiles and tablets can access the mobile-friendly building software as well as all of its functionality and features supported.

How can using mobile software help your business?

Using mobile software will help your business spend less by minimising the purchase of additional machines or materials that are used for company operations.  Construction professionals can use company-issued mobile devices, (tablets, smartphones) or their own, to access files and work information. This can help decrease the firm’s spending and increase its productivity,  and therefore bring in more income. It will also allow the users to access the software away from the office, to allow people to update and feedback on projects on the move.

The requirement to keep track of a companies performance is a key factor in the competitive modern construction industry. Monitoring a business 24/7 with mobile software is easy. Mobile software can be accessed anywhere by construction professionals, with the freedom to check on systems and ensure that nothing is out of place. Mobile-friendly construction software monitors all of the business’ activities which can give the users a head start when they begin working the next day.

What kind of mobile functionality is supported?

When a construction professional is on site, they could take advantage of using a tablet to view project drawings or documents. They could provide instructions to construction workers for any needed adjustments with a click of a few buttons without having to go back to the office. They can also send actual onsite images of the project by taking pictures using a mobile device’s camera and uploading it to the system via the “Project Photos” feature of BuilderStorm. Another example of BuilderStorm’s mobile software features is being able to submit valuations or site audits in real time, taking less time and less opportunity for error.  Because of the mobile-friendly construction software design, reporting back to the office is easy and fast.

Smart Phones are ideal for submitting RFIs, viewing delivery lists, and viewing project documents. With BuilderStorm’s mobile-friendly construction software, construction professionals are now well equipped to do more. A construction professionals site work has never been easier with these features in the palm of their hands. Why invest in restrictive software when you can have a flexible and progressive solution right at your fingertips?