Project Cloud Storage – Best Offer On The Net – Better Than Dropbox For Construction

BuilderStorm Document Hosting

BuilderStorm Document Hosting

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From now until the end of September you can take advantage of our summer promotion. If you using Dropbox for construction or any other storage solution for your project drawings and documents you could be paying too much.  With Dropbox charging a minimum of £45 per month for 5 users, then just under £10 per month for each extra user, even the smallest projects could see the cost starting to mount up. Not to mention that Dropbox isn’t really set up for construction projects.

BuilderStorm Solution Exclusive For Construction Projects

You can start using the BuilderStorm platform today. We don’t charge by the user,  so you can create users to your heart’s content. One for each member of the design team, every sub-contractor, the client even the client’s dog! Our all-in-one package is the way forward. One monthly price, no hidden fees and no nasty surprises.

Access your documents on site using your tablet computer or smart phone.

Access your documents on site using your tablet computer or smart phone.

How BuilderStorm Works

For a super low price of £50 per month, you can host your project on-line within minutes of signing up, add all your files, create all your users and your done. You will start seeing the benefits immediately. You can even add additional projects for the same low price. There is no limit to the number of projects you can add, and the storage limits are very generous. Each project is allocated 80GB of storage space. That equates to around 20,000 DWG files at 4mb each. PDF’s are even smaller.

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