Construction Document Storage


How construction firms are taking advantage of technology – Construction Document Storage

Traditionally a lot of Construction Document Storage consists of lots of project files both in paper and digital format that are stored by companies on-site or on a few office-based computers. There’s typically an initial outlay for Windows/Mac based software to manage the companies accounts and documentation. There is also an emphasis to ensure these machines securely store and manage their company files while some effort is made to build a reliable system. Both the computers and software can be quite expensive and will on average become outdated & slow, resulting in a lot of the IT needed to be overhauled within a relatively short period of time. If a project drawing is needed in a specific project site location a courier is often used to deliver the files. This could incur additional company expenditures for a utility vehicle, manpower and courier services.

Cloud Hosting: Today’s Construction Document Storage – unlimited growth and success!

Cloud-based software and hosting services are one of the secrets for today’s construction businesses. This technology is currently integrated on the BuilderStorm system and implemented to work with Construction Drawing and Document Storage. Cloud-based storage hosting can store unlimited files and the company’s files are well protected due to the latest encryption algorithm widely used by today’s business firms and banks. Files are easily accessed through our cloud-based software which means you can send company files and project drawings with just a few clicks. These advancements in technology will significantly lessen a construction company’s expenses and maximise the company income.

BuilderStorm’s system improves upon the traditional system that many construction company’s uses. Our software can provide a solution that will help your company to grow and succeed. We offer unlimited Construction Document Storage and Construction Drawing Storage. and since both features are cloud-based, you can access the software at any given time and place. You don’t need to purchase extra hardware, expensive computers, hard drives or servers and software installation is not needed. It only needs a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Our software is mobile-friendly and a construction manager can access our system using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Benefits that you will have with our cloud-based solution

Our system has features intended for file storage which are Cloud Storage, Project Documents and Project Drawings. Cloud storage can be used as a global storage folder for generic company files. Project Documents is used to store a specific project’s documents while the Project Drawings is used to store the drawing files for that project. You are also able to email these files to other users as you see fit. Yes, sending company files, documents and drawings to a user’s group or specific email address are included in our system. Users can also use the bulk email sending feature that can help to send files in bulk, saving lots of time. Our system automatically generates an audit trail on the files that were sent to ensure that project managers can be confident with their communication and fall back on a reliable audit trail should a dispute occur.

Receiving live updates through notifications is also an important feature in our software. Managers can set up automatic notification reminders for a specific user or construction professional. The notification system will immediately notify the recipient of any major update coming from their Managers. Users won’t miss any updates or advisory for any adjustments that are needed in their projects.

Looking for a specific file is easy because our system utilises a “tag system” which categorises the files according to their use. Because of the “tag system”, the company’s files are easily sorted and can be quickly searched in the system. Updating and deleting the Construction Document Files is a simple process.

We want you to have the best solution that will help your daily operation and help you maximise your company’s earnings. Why wait until tomorrow if you can act today?