RFI Construction Software


Why is RFI Construction Software necessary for today’s construction industry?

A Request For Information on a construction companies projects can be extremely time-consuming, tieing up employees when they needn’t be. Historically, RFIs were simply lost in a manager’s ever-growing inbox, and there were occasions that attachments were lost, causing a project to delay due to information not being provided on time when it was needed. These events could increase the operational cost of the construction company by purchasing additional supplies, office file storage and possible manpower by increasing the use of administration workers time.  This additional administration work is inefficient and creates time-consuming work for the RFI Manager. With today’s software improvements, this scenario could be made easier and more efficient so a construction firm can do more and spend less.

Good RFI Construction software should provide and ensure a straightforward communication between a construction firm and their clients. The RFI Construction Software has useful features that will benefit a construction firm in their daily operations.  A good example of this is a notification system.

A reliable notification system can generate live notifications to help RFI managers to promptly address queries requested by a client or third party company. This would save them from any typical delays and incur any additional costs.  In addition to this, having a cloud-based RFI Building Software will improve the storage efficiency of the company. Cloud Storage software saves large files and has unlimited file storage.

How can an RFI notification system help your employees?

The Notification system is a really useful RFI Construction Software feature. It has many other features that are worth noting, such as creating and managing groups, and notifying and forwarding to specific users. Answering an RFI is convenient as all the RFI information is already displayed on the screen, with attachments and any previous communication included. It also has colour coded padlock indicators that will inform an RFI Manager if the RFI is open, open overdue, for closure, closed overdue, closed on time or cancelled. Users can also view RFI graphs that display an overview of all RFIs. Lastly, the RFI Building Software has a mobile-friendly version that can be used by construction professionals to submit or reply to RFIs. The mobile version contains all of the same features like attaching files and entering a due date. The RFI system is specifically designed for users to get more out of their time and make your company as a whole more productive.

With its current system setup through the RFI manager, you can easily reply to clients’ emails and can be assigned to receive notifications reminding them of RFIs that they need to respond to.

Finding the right content is easy because the system uses a “tag system” to filter its content. The tag system will categories or classify RFIs based on ‘tags’ that have been assigned to them, and can be related to any number of factors. The user may want to separate ‘tags’ based on the different stages of the project, different types of tasks or even priority. These are all defined by the client to make it easier to manage the projects.

Is the RFI software mobile friendly?

Yes, BuilderStorm’s RFI software is mobile friendly and supports a wide variety of mobile devices allowing you and your workforce to get things done. The system has been optimized for mobile phones and tablets so you can easily fill in the key information and attach relevant pictures with just a few taps. Users will never miss an RFI update or notification from the system.

File attachments can also be included in our RFI Building Software. An attachment of the firm’s project files is sent to the users in the form of an email notification or when they log into the system. There is the ability to add comments for specific RFIs, which can be useful for the concerned user or team.

BuilderStorm’s RFI features allow construction firms to do more with less of a companies resources. Efficiency is always our concern here at BuilderStorm. We have created this system to help further expand our clientele’s productivity and growth.