Construction Document Storage


Construction document storage For Building Sites

Gone are the days when you would have to wait for drawings to be posted to the site before you could start working from them. The dinosaurs amongst us remember the old days when the cardboard tube would arrive and the latest drawings would be bound with a rubber band ready for adding to the drawing clips. You’d then go mad with the “superseded” ink stamp and add the old drawings to the box under the drawing table. Assuming the drawings never got lost in the post, the obvious drawback was the delivery time. Often work would progress only to find out the drawing had been revised the day before. Mobile phones have changed the way we work today, with communication becoming easier and easier and site managers being more aware of impending changes, but that didn’t resolve the issue of getting the drawings to site quicker. However, luckily our Construction Document Storage does.

Computer Revolution

Nowadays with the internet dominating our everyday lives, it was a natural progression that construction would start to adopt the offerings of the web. The process has been a slow one, only now do you see the large construction firms using online cloud document and drawing hosting. Some smaller firms are yet to embrace the change and get on-board, a change we are obviously keen to see. As printers and plotters are becoming cheaper to purchase and easier to use, many sites are now printing their own drawings on site, rather than having to rely on outside companies to print and deliver a drawing, plus drawings are becoming easier to open, view and interrogate on a computer or tablet, sometimes removing the need to print the drawing altogether.

Why Use The Cloud?

The first plus point is obviously the time, drawings and documents can be issued and uploaded instantly, with unlimited real time revisions the documents are effectively “live”. By giving access to all the key people involved in a project you lessen the impact experienced by having to wait for the information. With clients now expecting projects to be completed quicker and with less variation orders its vital that your team are working on the correct information every time.

BuilderStorm & Cloud Storage

We offer three key elements of storage within the BuilderStorm system, each slightly different to excel at their intended purpose. Our Drawing Hosting allows you to manage DWG and PDF drawings, manage categories, designers, statuses and revisions with ease. Our Construction Document Hosting will allow you to create a project specific library of all the key paperwork you need to run your site. Using access levels and tracking you can restrict the people able to view certain key documents and keep up date with important changes to vital documents via real-time notifications. Our Company Documents will keep company wide documents, that can be shared between multiple projects and is ideal for things like method statements and risk assessments. We are adding more and more features to our construction document storage, which you will benefit free of charge.