Small Builder Construction Software Benefits

Running a small construction company can be challenging; even small builders can have a lot of complex information and paperwork to manage and keep track of such as timesheets, invoices, plans, drawings and numerous other records and files. Managing everything and keeping track on everyone can prove to be time-consuming and finicky, not to mention costly. You can spend up burning a lot of time chasing your own tail when it comes to managing construction projects and keeping track of deadlines and the like, time that would be better spent on other things to help you grow your company such as securing new contracts.

User-friendly Construction Software for Small Builders


BuilderStorm‘s construction software benefits provides you with everything you need to implement multiple construction projects within one integrated software solution. Packed with features, our construction management software boasts a slick, streamlined and easy to use interface for which you can provide log-ins for all members of your workforce and admin staff. From here you can manage timesheets, calculate labour costs against activities, store invoices, keep track of deadlines and contact workers en masse via text/SMS. There are integrated help tutorials and a live chat feature which means it’s easy to get everyone trained up on using the software quickly. As well as the existent features already in place, we can also integrate any new features you would like to see added at absolutely no extra cost.

Easy Accessibility 24/7 with Responsive Design

As well as being incredibly versatile and adaptable, BuilderStorm’s small builder construction software benefits from being easy to access wherever you are. Being responsive to multiple devices is a necessity nowadays which is why our browser-based software has been developed to be both mobile and tablet friendly. You can access BuilderStorm’s construction software benefits wherever you are at any time, whether you are on the move and logging in from your phone or back at the office on a desktop computer. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and regularly backed up to keep things running smoothly to provide you with construction software benefits.

Efficient, Time-Saving Construction Software puts you in Control


One of the major BuilderStorm construction software benefits is that it assimilates a variety of different features into one easy to use software package. You can attend to a variety of different tasks all within one system which helps improve efficiency and will save you a lot of time, time which can then be freed up for you to attend to more important tasks that will help you develop and grow as a small builder. BuilderStorm construction software benefits will help facilitate improved communication throughout your company, enabling colleagues and collaborators to share files such as drawings, diaries, work schedules. Feedbacks, comments and edits can be actioned instantaneously so that everyone within the company is on the same page. Communication breakdowns can be inconvenient or even disastrous in worst case scenarios and could cause costly setbacks that, as a small business, you could do without. This is why using BuilderStorm’s ground-breaking construction management software makes a lot of sense if you are a small builder looking to grow.