Day 1 – its just the beginning


Construction software adoption

We have all been in that position, made a purchase which will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our business. However, after the sales guys have gone leaving just you, the keyboard, monitor, and an extensive instruction manual, you start to scratch your head and wonder where on earth do you begin! If you are anything like me, you will ditch the manual and try and get the best out of the product (possibly missing out on many features as you didn’t know they were there as they were discussed on page 153 in the manual!). Your online support is non-existent, staff are getting despondent, and you soon realise it doesn’t do what it states on the tin. What next? All the time and effort that you have spent setting up the product while encouraging your staff to embrace it too…you feel frustrated, disappointed and stuck!! Moving to a new provider is so difficult and time-consuming. Right?

Not exactly – At BuilderStorm, we understand the challenges of implementing new processes into your company, and we want to work with you, so you and your team get the best out of our Construction Project Management Software with minimal disruption from the transition. From the very beginning, you would receive a thorough demonstration of our Software, which quickly highlights its ease of use. The simplicity of our software is one of many factors that our clients love about BuilderStorm, along with unlimited users and over 40 unique features that offer value to any company to ensure the smooth running of all projects along with a real-time view of all the associated data. When you have questions, fire away, we want to make sure that BuilderStorm ticks all of your boxes and give us the chance to show you that a number of our features have areas that enable you to tailor them to your requirements.

So, we’ve ticked all the boxes, and you’re ready to go. Brilliant. From day one, you will have a dedicated trainer from my team, who provides site visits for face to face training sessions along with full online/email and telephone support. My trainers have an answer for everything (well, nearly everything!) and their main aim is to be your human instruction manual (rest assured, with BuilderStorm, you will not be left scratching your head!). We also understand that sometimes people are not tech savvy; however, we will quickly be able to put anyone at ease as BuilderStorm has been designed to ensure that anyone can easily work with our Project Management Software.

We also want to ensure that the transition to BuilderStorm is seamless, we are fully aware that time is precious to you, so we have a team of people who will manage your Data Migration, all part of the package…there are no hidden costs. We will have your BuilderStorm site set up with your projects and data, so when training your team, they will be able to relate to their data.
At BuilderStorm, we keep our finger on the pulse, we know that our world is constantly changing, and we ensure that our Software keeps up with the changes. We are constantly developing new features and improving the existing ones based on client feedback. If you’ve signed up for our all-inclusive package, you get all of this included with no up-sell. Refreshing.

Contact us at BuilderStorm and we will show you that there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make the move to a Project Management Software that works for you along with a support team that works with you.