Are you being effective with your inductions?


BuilderStorm’s On-line Induction system

BuilderStorm is changing the way inductions are be carried out across the UK.  We are always looking at ways we can streamline current building practices or make cost savings on repetitive tasks, ideally both. One item that always comes up is site inductions. There are an estimated 2.93 million construction-related jobs in the UK if each employee only had a one-hour induction a year, the cost to the industry is over £40 million pounds* One way of reducing this cost is to minimise the time spent carrying out these inductions. BuilderStorm offers an online solution to this problem. By capturing inductees personal information beforehand and allowing the user to view generic induction material before they even step foot on site you can focus your site induction on the specifics of your contract and high-risk activities.


Fully Customised Content

The induction content can be in the form of text, images or videos. Each slide can be shown for a minimum time period to ensure the viewers can’t skip ahead and complete the induction without absorbing the information. At the end of the induction presentation, they can be presented with a short multiple choice test. This can be CSCS based or refer back to the induction content they have just viewed. The test is fully customisable, questions and answers can include images and you can set categories and pass requirements to suit your criteria. You can even adjust your induction content and test questions in real time to react to site incidents. If you notice a rise in slip, trips & falls you can increase the test questions that relate to this area and emphasise the issue to your inductees.

Instant Savings

The savings by using the BuilderStorm induction system are instant.

*Based on 2.93m construction employees as per the BIS analysis July 2013 and an average salary of £30,946 and an average induction time of 60 minutes as estimated in BuilderStorm’s time and motion study.