All New Collaborative Drawing Software from BuilderStorm


Real-time communication is one of the keys to successful management of a construction project. In the old days making changes to drawings and plans could be a time-consuming affair and could also involve costly setbacks if certain changes weren’t communicated to all collaborators. Those times will be hard to imagine now with BuilderStorm’s latest feature – interactive collaboration drawing software which enables multiple collaborators to create, customise and mark-up drawings instantly.

Interactive Collaborative Drawing Software on the Move

It isn’t always convenient to have to wait until you’re back at the office to update or add to a drawing. Not only is BuilderStorm soon to be available as a dedicated app, it is already mobile and tablet friendly. Our innovative and easy to use construction collaboration drawing software is also compatible with iPads which are infinitely handy if you’re out on-site and need to update a drawing or other document quickly. All drawings are securely hosted on the cloud and can be accessed and added to wherever you are. As well as automatic data backups, you can also make manual back-ups of drawings, plans and any other files for your complete peace of mind.

Create and Customise Drawings, Share with Collaborators

With BuilderStorm, you can host drawings and other documents and instantly share files with multiple parties. Everything is integrated into one flexible, versatile and adaptable software framework which saves you from having to use multiple different pieces of software for different tasks. This new feature is compatible with any PDF files and features effective and easy to use mark up tools to add clear comments and instructions and to make any other necessary modifications. The benefits of this are enormous; instant feedback and collaboration on drawings and plans can help speed up the construction process and save you a lot of time and money.

Interact, Collaborate and Communicate

Using the new collaborative drawing software it will enable you to host PDF drawings on the cloud which can then be edited with comments and changes using integrated markup tools. There is even the option to attach separate files to specific drawings which can really come in handy if you need to add an addendum or there are complicated changes which are too lengthy to mark upon the original drawing. This makes the software very versatile and interactive. For example, you could add a material delivery ticket to a PDF drawing for the project which requires that particular material. With BuilderStorm, all the data you need is immediately at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Easy to Use Software with Excellent Customer Service – Collaborative Drawing Software

As with all aspects of the BuilderStorm construction management software, our new Collaborative Drawing Software feature has been designed to combine optimal versatility with a high level of user-friendliness. Not only are there many useful features integrated into the software, it is also easy to use, responsive and intuitive. If there’s any ever aspect you are not sure of we have included informative tutorials to help guide you through our interactive drawing software as well as live chat and email-based customer support.