File Sharing For Construction Projects Ensures Lasting Success

Building-File Sharing For Construction Projects Ensures Lasting Success

File Sharing For Construction

What are the biggest problems that construction organisations face when it comes to their projects? If you’re employed in the construction industry then you already know that every project manager tries to battle the twin evils of timeline delays and budgetary extensions. The twin evils almost always fuel each other but there is a third more intangible element that actually fuels both of them and this is lack of coordination. This is where file sharing for construction projects comes in handy.

The primary objective of most construction project management consultants is to ensure that every project stakeholder, from vendors to in-house professionals, understands his responsibility within the purview of the project targets. For most project managers, this is a challenge because they have to individually inform every project stakeholder of their responsibilities, tasks, and relevance to the whole project. With a proper vehicle for construction file sharing, coordination between various project stakeholders can be improved significantly.

How File Sharing For Construction Projects Helps Coordination

Imagine a situation where every management level person involved with a construction project has access to the micro and macro views of the whole project. Imagine a platform where every management level professional can view not only the area where his team has specifically been tasked to work on but also associated elements that affect his task and the elements that his task effects. Now, imagine that this professional is able to do these things as and when he wishes and from where he wishes to do it from. To sum it up, a construction project managerial level professional will be able to understand the overall condition of the project, the condition of this specific task and the relationship between his area of concern and other aspects of the project.

With such a tool, the managerial level construction professional will understand how he’s slowing down the whole project and how other stakeholders are slowing his area of concern down. When the problem becomes so obvious, it’s unlikely that even the busiest of professionals will be able to ignore it. This is precisely what you get when you introduce a system of sharing drawings and documents for Construction.

Considering BIM and Associated Issues for Your Project

BIM or Building Information Modelling has been the word of the last few years in the United Kingdom construction since the government announced that by 2016 all publicly funded construction projects will have to be undertaken with BIM principles in mind. They did this by specifying that construction companies must submit only documents created on the basis of BIM principles.

Projects implemented through BIM are said to be highly beneficial in a number of ways. First and foremost, they are much more streamlined which prevents delays and ensures that there’s no wastage of resources. Secondly, because of the first benefit, BIM-based construction projects tend to be much more financially viable because there are no cost overruns through delays and wastage. Finally, construction projects implemented through BIM principles are much more environmentally friendly than generically implemented projects.

The one problem of implementing BIM principles that both proponents and opponents of BIM agree upon is that of interoperability. This means that file extensions and file construction styles used by one company or individual may not fit into the BIM system adopted by another. Sharing drawings for construction projects on a platform that supports all BIM systems can be one way to avoid the problem of interoperability. Since installing software programs with similar systems across the industry is unfeasible, the solution is web-based software programs.

Our software program for file sharing for construction projects – BuilderStorm – is web-based and actually designed to deal with all the staple problems of such projects including time delays, cost overruns, and BIM interoperability issues. It can bridge the gap between BIM systems being employed various companies and ensure proper coordination and interoperability.


Why you should consider BuilderStorm?

As mentioned above, we’ve worked hard to create a software program that defeats all the problems that modern construction projects and construction companies face. While BuilderStorm is tailor made for construction companies looking for a suitable avenue for file sharing for construction projects, it’s also blessed with a number of other benefits. What are these benefits? Consider the following.

  • BuilderStorm is very easy to use: We understand that even though professionals in the construction industry are highly trained and technologically savvy, they don’t really have time to spend on learning new platforms and systems. This is why we’ve ensured that our software program for file sharing for construction projects – BuilderStorm – is as simple to use as can be. When you use BuilderStorm, it’ll be like using your Apple or Android phone. The navigation has been kept simple to a point where it can be equated to going through a well-built website. You don’t have to waste time on mundane navigational challenges or fixing design based bugs! Everything is taken care of. We just want you to work on your project!
  • It contains multiple other features: BuilderStorm hasn’t only been made for construction document sharing, although it serves that purpose with aplomb, its built to handle every task that a project management consultant has to undertake. Essentially, it will help you meet and overcome every project related challenge you can think of whether its compliance or resource allocation. You’ll even be able to bring in other managers and have them collaborate together for maximum results.
  • It provides rapid access and revisions: Simplicity breeds efficiency, in our opinion. This is why when we made BuilderStorm easy and simple to use, we created an environment where project management consultants can be most productive and efficient. With our software program, you’ll gain immediate access whether you’re only interested in viewing your files or making revisions to them.
  • It offers high end protection for maximum security: With BuilderStorm, you won’t have to worry about security issues such as leakage of sensitive documents. Everything is maximum security. All users are logged in and the software program, itself, is protected by bank level security screens. You can finally rest easy that your tender documents, compliance files, and project drawings are safe and sound against theft and destruction!

There are no limits to what is possible with BuilderStorm whether you’re only interested in file sharing for construction projects or much more. It’s in your hands! What’s more, you can get access for free.