ERP vs Project Management Software vs BuilderStorm

Building-ERP vs Project management software vs BuilderStorm

I often feel like the man in the middle, I have two daughters, and sometimes I have to referee their arguments over toys and alike. One wants to play her way, and the other wants to play completely differently, but they don’t want to play separately when I suggest it.
Now I know this may sound an odd statement to start with but the industry to me appears to be the same, we have ERP providers on one side and then Project Management software providers on the other.

There are huge benefits of an ERP system, designed to fit your workflows from the ground up, something that follows your exact requirements. However, the downside of this type of solution is often that they come with a hefty price tag and in most cases a considerable amount of development time and effort from your team. This could be down to the fact that ERP providers don’t come from the construction industry, they probably do not appreciate what an RFI or Snag is, let alone the significant importance of workflows that you may be used to with submittals or drawing revision control.

There is no doubt they will be able to offer a solution that is right. However, the development time needed can sometimes have a significant impact on the speed of which you will see an ROI.

An alternative may be to select a software provider that knows and understands the construction industry. There are many project management software platforms available; most have a hardcoded system that an ERP provider does not. This means they are often confined to an out of the box solution, limited by a rigid platform that cannot be configured, however do offer a price point that means your ROI could be achieved very quickly, as well as the prospect of implementing the system within a short space of time, potentially days instead of months.

BuilderStorm offers the best of both worlds, giving you the flexibility of an ERP provider and the financial benefits of a Project Management software. We not only have a construction-specific platform but also take on bespoke development for many of our clients, ensuring that we not only keep up with the industry but also make sure our customers receive the system they want and deserve.

Why not put us to the test and see if we can meet your requirements.