Budget for the builders??


No matter what you say about the budget, there seemed to be good news for the construction industry. The promise of more funds available for social housing, and further attempts to speed up the development of new homes to 300,000 per year must be good news…right?

It’s this figure that is interesting, last year as a country we built neat 220,000 homes across both public and private sector, so this represents a 36% increase. With an industry that is already stretched, how do we look to bridge the gap?

While adopting technology cannot guarantee that you’ll build more homes quicker, the right piece of software or solution can add some real value to your business. Implementing workflows to speed up the intense labour administration of a project from inception to completion could save your business significant amounts of money.

It may end up being the difference between winning a new tender.

Project Management software such as BuilderStorm enables you to increase efficiencies and visibility across your business and projects while keeping control of outgoings and costs.

Industry leaders are already adopting BuilderStorm, and this is set to continue with this latest budget.