Guess who’s back – Return of the mum


Would you like a cup of tea? I am asked the first day back to work after a 5-year stint with my children at home. My goodness someone is making me a tea, and I manage to drink the entire cup before it goes cold. These little things are now so much more appreciated!

Once I made the decision to return to work after having my children a number of different thought processes went through my head, childcare, the logistics of dropping and picking them both up, what if they are unwell, finding flexibility and utilising this skill set I had built up for over 8 years prior to having children. For me, I needed a company that would challenge me again, offer me flexibility and career progression.

It seems that the ‘the working Mum’ isn’t an attractive proposition for a lot of companies, not that they would tell you that directly. Let me tell you why I believe actually this might be exactly what the company needs.

As a mother every minute is precious, you plan your hours meticulously at work, no time to have a meeting about a meeting, or debate over something for hours, quick decision making and delivery, committing to the output rather than hours at the actual desk. This ethos starts to rub off within an organisation, and perhaps we all start to see that actually there could be better, more efficient and flexible ways of working.

For a mother, there is no such thing as a ‘sick day’ after having children. You dig deep and power through the most trying of circumstances. As an employer, you will get loyalty and commitment.

The ability to listen to everyone, be more tolerant and help nurture others within the business to grow and be the best they can be.

I was lucky enough to find Builderstorm as my next company to work for. I am learning new commodities, having my skills appreciated, regaining my confidence in the workplace and appreciating that hot cup of tea! I hope that in return can offer aspects of my experience within years of Insurance Supplier/Procurement Management.

I guess as a company looking to recruit, the focus should be put on a person’s skill set and experience, rather than gender, race, or working hours. Performance alone will show how good a person really is rather then hours sat at a desk. At Builderstorm the attitude of the employer allows working mothers a chance to perform their very best again.