It’s not just about you


There’s something to admire about high-level sports teams. They all work together to achieve their goal of winning. Every player has their own role to perform, at the elite level everyone relies on their teammates completing what they were tasked to do.

For my sins, I used to do a 400-mile round trip in order to support my football team and you only have to watch a live match and you can hear the communication that occurs during it, even the best teams rely on sharing information with each other.

Businesses are no different, often the most successful enterprises start with clear instructions and a willingness to share information, thus, in turn, enabling staff to make better-informed decisions. At BuilderStorm we believe the same level of working together and sharing of information enables us to offer a platform that truly supports our clients. If you run a construction company, work for one or are supplying services or materials to them then would it help you to have a single platform whereby relevant information can be shared?
Imagine being able to share drawings with everyone on a project, without having to worry about the number of users accessing this information, all with a way to control exactly what information each individual or business can see. Is this not truly collaborative?

How about being able to manage projects from start to finish by sharing workflows, milestones, drawings and changes to a project without having to wait on people to return to an office and check. If you were able to use a mobile platform, on-site and available to everyone how would that improve your business?
Giving people the ability to communicate or ask questions about drawings whilst they are on site, with the use of their camera phone could mean fewer mistakes are made, clearer communication provided and above all else fewer delays and unforeseen costs for your business.

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