BuilderStorm’s New Construction Online Support


When your company begins using a brand new piece of software, it can seem overwhelming at first, especially if there are a lot of customisable features to take in and get used to. With this in mind, BuilderStorm has committed themselves to providing customer support which goes above and beyond normal customer support.

Whilst logged into BuilderStorm‘s new construction online support system, an online support tab is present at the bottom right of the screen, discreetly minimised when not in use. If you encounter any queries or difficulties simply click the blue BuilderStorm Online Support tab where you can access informative online tutorials which guide you through different aspects of the software at your preferred pace. There is also the option to access live chat if your specific query isn’t addressed within the tutorials. With a rapid response time of under five minutes, you’ll never be left hanging around burning time trying to figure things out on your own.

Easy to Use Tutorials

When you click on the blue Builderstorm Online Support tab you will get the option to access step by step tutorials dedicated to each aspect of the software. As new features are integrated into the software, corresponding tutorials are added which enable you to quickly and easily learn how to make the most of these features. A drop-down menu at the top lists each help topic in alphabetical order, covering everything from Allocations to User Management. When you click on a particular topic a slideshow appears which takes you through that particular topic in a step-by-step fashion.

Each slide is succinct yet informative, enabling you to absorb the information in user-friendly chunks. You can reset the slides at any point and go over the topic from the start again if there’s something you’re still not clear on. As well as covering the basics of each feature, the tutorials also provide you with hints and tips on how to customise the BuilderStorm software to your own idiosyncratic needs and requirements, helping you to get the most out of the software.

Rapid Response Live Chat

If the specific query you have is not covered in the online tutorials, a live chat feature is also integrated into the BuilderStorm Construction Online Support. This enables you to chat in real time with a customer service assistant who will be happy to help you with any feature of the software in a courteous and efficient fashion. In the event that no-one is online to assist you, you can leave a message with your name, email and query which will be responded to as swiftly as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck with something and not receiving assistance which is why we aim for a response time of fewer than five minutes to any query.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this wasn’t enough, the BuilderStorm Construction Project Management software also features a handy integrated FAQ section which offers answers to recurring queries. Along with the live chat and online support tutorials, this amounts to three different sources of assistance if ever there’s something you’re not clear on.