Top 5 ways BuilderStorm can improve your business.

Building-top 5 ways to improve your business

Improve Your Business With BuilderStorm

BuilderStorm has many unique features, each of which will change the way your team manage their sites, improve the efficiency and communication. Here we look at the top 5 reasons why you should try BuilderStorm today that will help improve your business.

5. Communication

Because all of your staff can see all the documents, drawings and diaries online in real-time they are only ever a click away from getting up to speed with all the recent activity on your projects. This means that time can be better spent when visiting a site, picking up on key details, rather than getting briefed by the site team when they arrive.

4. Records

If you use all sections of the site, it will keep accurate records of everything that has occurred. This includes, the Diary Management Software that will automatically capture the weather, Allocations that will show what each operative was doing on any given day, Procurements that shows what items have been ordered and when, through to RFI’s and Defect Reporting that will track cost related issues throughout the job. Whether your a blue chip construction firm or a small sub-contractor, the benefit of a having a concise online record of everything is key to resolving disputes long after a project has been completed.

3. Employee Performance & Training

By using our Training Compliance section you can be sure that all your employees’ training and certification is in place. By setting company targets you can work towards improving the overall capabilities of your workforce. Each user can have their tickets and certs stored within the system so they are always available to download on new projects, this can minimise the impact of getting approved to start work.

2. Expenditure & Costing

By using our Allocations, Procurements & Asset Manager sections you can have literally up to minute project spending at your fingertips. Each section will track either labour, material or plant from the start of the project right up till the project has been completed. Each area is capable of producing PDF and/or CSV files so you can import the data into other software. You can then use this data to make expenditure predictions for future periods on your project. It’s hard to believe that even large construction firms still have to wait for the following month before knowing what their spend has been, and by then its often to late to react to the impact.

1. An Edge Over The Competition

All of the points above boil down to one key benefit. By using everything that BuilderStorm has to offer, you are not only improving your own working practices, but you are gaining an edge over everyone else tendering for the same projects. You will be more efficient, better managed and able to offer a better end product for potentially less money. With extremely competitive pricing the investment in the BuilderStorm system will see returns almost overnight.