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Building-communication software

At the weekend, a very rare childfree one I might add, my wife and I went out for dinner and some drinks. This is quite literally the first time we have been able to do this since before we were married!!! Now I like to people watch, partly because I’m nosy but also because I like to see if I can read their story by looking at them. A young couple sat opposite us in another booth, presumably on a first date but both had their phones in their hands texting. Either this was a bad date, or this is now a sign of the times. Maybe I’m getting old because the more I looked around the more it seemed to be the norm.

Communication is vital to everyone, in all walks of life and none more so than in business. It appears that long gone are the times where we need to have a conversation with people to share ideas or confirm things. Now we tend to rely on instant messages in the form of texts or sharing of documents via email.

This has enabled us to all start working quicker, meaning we can resolve problems within minutes instead of hours but it’s also opened us up to the chance of mistakes happening, which in turn can cost thousands to put right.

How do you ensure that everyone is working on the same drawing? Maybe you have some expensive document storage solution with version control, or maybe it’s just a cheap service whereby drawings and documents can be held centrally.

Either way, the chances are that at some point you must have looked around for an alternative solution.

Would it be better to have a central solution that can offer version control on drawings and documents, as well as a way to share this information with people quickly and without having to attach information to emails? Maybe it would be beneficial to have project drawings available at site, when they need them and to be able to make comments or send questions in the form of RFI’s directly back to the people who are responsible for them?

Maybe sending messages to your sub-contractors or staff on site about an unexpected visit from the HSE or to notify them of some work available would be useful.

If you think all of the above would be great or some aspects then we have a solution that can meet your requirements, furthermore as a software solution we do not charge per user, meaning you could use BuilderStorm across your entire company and roll it out to everyone without having to worry about spiralling licence costs.

So, like the couple who were on their first date, why not drop me a message and let’s start a conversation.