Expensive does not always mean reliable!!!


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you pay for something, its never guaranteed to be reliable. I speak from experience on this one, several times I think I must have picked the least reliable cars ever made. Much to the annoyance of my wife. And it didn’t matter how many times I tried to convince myself I couldn’t replace it because of the investment already made, eventually as much as it pained me I had to replace it with something more reliable.

Why should software solutions be any different? Reliability is crucial to our businesses. It’s one thing to lose a mode of transport, but it can be crippling if you lose the tools you need to use daily.
Imagine the issues that you would face if you were using a system that stores all your project drawings and company documents. If this suddenly experienced reliability issues, how much would that cost your business? Or even worse if there is limited disaster recovery built-in, and you lost all your data. How would your company recover?

The key is to select a partner that has already implemented fail-safes to avoid this from happening or mitigate to such an extent that the impact on you and your business is almost non-existent.
We treat your data as if it’s our own, implementing bank-grade security – everything is encrypted over SSL and data is backed up to different physical locations on multiple servers, ensuring we are prepared for any physical eventuality from weather, fire, earthquakes, etc.

Backups are performed every hour and are further backed up twice daily. These are then replicated up to 30 times to ensure we never lose significant amounts of information.

I know it’s difficult to walk away from a purchase or investment that has been implemented, to write off a potentially significant amount of money, not to mention the damaged pride, but then again is this not a better scenario than worrying about what happens the next time?

And yes, my wife picked my latest car….. but it’s very reliable.